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Our Montessori Curriculum

In our Montessori classroom, children are able to pursue and explore the interests in the following areas


In our Montessori classroom, children are able to pursue and explore the interests in the following areas


Practical Life Area

Children develop selfhelp skills by doing activities that they observe in their daily routines. These exercises provide opportunities to improve eyehand coordination, fine motor skills, a sense of order and concentration. A few examples of activities that can be found in this area are: pouring water from one container to another, spooning, using tongs and buttoning frames.

Sensorial Area

Children learn to distinguish between objects by height, weight, width, shape, color, sound, taste, smell and texture. Through orderly use of scientifically designed materials, the child’s senses are sharpened and refined. This area also provides a foundation for higher math concepts.


Language Area

Children acquire skills for oral and written language through sharing of spoken thoughts, feelings and ideas. Children gain enjoyable and purposeful experiences as the develop skills for reading and writing through guided use of materials. Chinese lessons are offered every Fridays related to the Montessori curriculum themes taught that year. Children learn Mandarin words and phrases through singing, dancing, listening to stories and practicing on learning materials.


Math Area

Children develop an understanding of number concepts in this area. Through progressive application of handson materials, children naturally grasp abstract mathematical concepts.


Science, Cultural, Art, Music and Movement Areas

These subjects stimulate interest in natural life, the world, and the universe. Multicultural subjects broaden children’s perspective, builds respect for others, and teaches peace.

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Kinder Academy Montessori
Summer Camp 2024

Kinder Academy
Montessori Summer Camp

Join us this summer for four fun and exciting themes complementing our Montessori curriculum! There will be a “Fun Friday” activity at the end of each week. School will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, in observance of Independence Day.

Get healthy and fit by following the steps and beats in Kids Zumba Camp. The children will learn coordination skills, gain self-confidence, and body awareness with fun and energetic fitness moves to kid’s music.

Fun Friday (June 21): Energy Smoothie Day

Fun Friday (June 28): Parachute Day

Let’s take care of our planet earth. Children will learn the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle and make creative artwork using recycled materials. San Mateo County Recology educator, Jennifer, will give a presentation on Wednesday, July 3, at 9:30 am.

Fun Friday (July 5): Makeover old T-shirt Day

Fun Friday (July 12): Let’s Plant a Garden Day

Children will learn about basic theory concepts: treble clef, pitch, scale, and beat. They also will experience some of the music instruments like keyboard, bells, drums, xylophones, and ukulele.

Fun Friday (July 19): Marching Band Day

Fun Friday (July 26): Face painting Day

Children will learn about farm animals and how they help the farm and people. We invited Fur, Scales, and Tails to come to our school on Thursday, August 8, at 9:30 am. It is a fun and fantastic show that showcases many kinds of animals.

Fun Friday (August 2): Stuffed Animal Picnic Day

Fun Friday (August 9): Pot luck Party

Join us for our End-of-the-Year Summer Pot Luck Party on Friday, August 9 at lunch time, from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm (please note: early dismissal day). See you there!


Have a Wonderful Summer!